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Chehalem Mountain & Bald Peak

Chehalem Mountain: as you pour over a map of Oregon’s wine region you will likely miss one of the most desirable rural areas for luxury country living. The locals know it well and in spring, summer, and fall will be found in abundance biking the challenging hills, taking pleasure in the breath-taking views, and touring the idyllic scenery of gorgeous homes and barns and pastures filled with sheep, llamas, horses, and cattle. The highest point of the mountain is Bald Peak - and it is luxurious rural living. People buy property in the Bald Peak area because of the views, the diversity of pastures and forests, and the variety of property types. There are plentiful small acreage parcels from one to five acres for those who want country living without too much work. There are larger parcels from 20 to 50 acres for equestrian interests, vineyards orchards and crops, or forests.

We can help you understand the benefits and challenges of buying Chehalem Mountain real estate. We understand that there are many areas that you might be considering buying into. If you are weighing our service with that of an out-of-town realtor and are unsure which area to choose then we can help. Ask us to help you better understand the benefits and challenges of buying in this great area. Ask about septics and wells, of land use laws, tax deferrals, and what grows here and what animals thrive here. We are experts in rural property purchases to protect you and to help you buy great value. We know this area and love it; we think you will too! For sellers, we offer excellent quality marketing, personal promotion of your property, and exceptional representation.

Chehalem Mountain Winegrowers Website:
Google Maps – Google – Chehalem Mountains
Location: The range extends from the Willamette River east of Newberg northwest to the foothills of the Oregon Coast Range south of Forest Grove. Other cities include Sherwood, Hillsboro, and Gaston.
FYI: The word "Chehalem" is a corruption of the Atfalati Indian word "Chahelim," a name given in 1877 to one of the bands of Atfalati.
Elevation: 1,629 ft
Attractions: Bald Peak State Park, House of Whispering Firs, Bells Up Winery, Ponzi Vineyards, Raptor Ridge Winery, Ruby Vineyard, Chehalem Ridge Bed and Breakfast, Rain Dance Marketplace

Page updated 02/02/2024

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