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Sometimes you just have to create what you want to be a part of!

by Randy McCreith, co-owner & co-founder Bella Casa Real Estate Group

Why another real estate brokerage?

Because our industry has changed, and is rapidly changing; the traditional brokerages had not and were not.

I cut my real estate teeth in a traditional national brand brokerage, and it never did feel good! When I examined their business model, I also knew it wasn’t right.

Keller Williams Realty then offered a creative breath of fresh air, and an exceptional education for me. If not for regional politics, Bella Casa Real Estate Group would be a KW brokerage; but also most likely dead by now because of the housing crisis! In the end, we got the advantage by building our own business using various models and wisdom we had been taught.

Sometimes you read something that awakens the imagination, resonates in the mind, and becomes the driving force of a vision. This quote became the guiding principle for forming Bella Casa Real Estate Group, a local brand, professional cooperative.

Restlessness, by this time also infected several other brokers in our area. We became a family in search of a better land. Some needed a fairer compensation package, some wanted to run their businesses the way they saw fit, and some needed the legal umbrella of a brokerage and a creative place to learn. I wanted to form a family real estate team with my talented wife and daughter, and continue make our living selling real estate. We all wanted to build the kind of brokerage that would serve our businesses, not that other way around.

Sometimes you just have to create what you want to be a part of!


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