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Tips for Home Sellers

Seller Guide: 10 Hardcore Staging Tactics

Today, homes don’t sell themselves. To win the battle for buyer attention and bring in the best offers, you have to play an active role in marketing your home. If you’re serious about selling for top-dollar and in record time, follow these sure-fire tips for staging successfully:

1. Check out the competition. The first step to selling success is to find out what you’re up against. Before and during the selling process, visit other property open houses to see how your home measures up. When you’re out, here are a few things to note • Property condition • Highlighted features • Move-in readiness • Staging tactics that will work for you Quick Tip When it comes to eliminating excess, check for major eyesores that may have buyer value beneath the surface. For example: Are your old carpets covering up beautiful wood floors?

2. Create a staging plan. Great staging requires that you cover your bases like a pro every time. Whether you hire a professional stager or work with your agent to do-it-yourself, put together a staging plan complete with a checklist and photos of what your home looks like when it’s ready to show. Follow the plan before every showing to make sure you put your best foot forward.

3. Get (and follow) professional advice. If you’re serious about selling you need to enlist objective professional help. Ask your agent about his or her staging experience or if he or she has a professional stager or designer to recommend. There is a wide range of experts that can help your sale and purchase go as smooth as possible, it is a good idea to Compare Conveyancing Quotes to make sure that you’re getting the right price when working through the legal paperwork surrounding the sale of a house.

4. Eliminate the excess. Before you head out to buy new accessories to “spruce up your home,” focus first on items you can remove that will enhance a buyer’s experience. The best signs of things you should eliminate are the things that you aren’t using and those you’re planning to get rid of before you move. Data has shown that homes prepared by professional stagers sell for more. Getting an unbiased review from someone who sees your property “as a product” can be invaluable

5. Pre-pack personal items. Depersonalizing and decluttering are the most critical steps of staging, but they can be a challenge. To make it easier, start by pre-packing and storing away the items you won’t need until after the move and anything personal (like family photos) that might prevent buyers from envisioning the home as their own.

6. Clear off the counter space. When it comes to the tops of your tables and counters, less is more. Clear off your counter spaces except for the occasional decorative or functional pieces (clocks or vases of flowers). Remember, your goal is to help buyers see themselves in a home and they can’t do that with your stuff in the way.

7. Clean inside and out. Everyone thinks they know what “clean” means when it comes to their own home. Here’s where an agent or pro