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Why Consider Bella Casa?

The last time I checked, only half of the real estate agents in America were Realtors®, and only half of those were members of a recognizable national or regional company brand. I suspect that the latter number is substantially less after the decimating recession we've experienced. Witness many independent brokerages emerging and the multiplication of personal or boutique brands. Realtor® teams - functioning like mini-companies - have exploded onto the real estate landscape. Sole proprietors have become common. Something is fueling this decentralization trend. What is it?

The old models are dying, conventional thinking is being challenged, and the handcuffs of large brokerages, be they golden or iron, are not effective anymore.

We have shown that technology has leveled the competitive landscape. Now every Realtor® can access all the knowledge, tools, and sophisticated business methods that were formerly reserved for the big brands only. The individual has been set free.

Admittedly, it is a bit of a mess in our industry right now, as all transitions and paradigm shifts are. Some of this change is ugly, embarrassing, and threatening; some novel ideas will die for good reason. Change is unsettling to most people; it stirs-up insecurities and fears. But much of this will improve life for many brokers and provide finer services for the public. True professionals have opportunities to flourish and entrepreneurs can craft their magic. There are so many new opportunities in the marketplace right now. It is amazing to think about it!

Bella Casa Real Estate Group embraces much of the change in our industry.

Our brokerage is built on a principle of the independence and autonomy of professionals. Ironically, we want people who do not need us! Why then join a brokerage at all? Because those of us who can function successfully alone know that there are good reasons and valuable benefits for cooperating together.

  • Together we will fare better in the marketplace by building a powerful, attractive, and ubiquitous brand with a stellar reputation

  • Together we can afford a more professional and visible office to meet with our clients. We share costs of higher quality equipment and products like a comprehensive, local, and powerful custom website.

  • By working closely with the finest Realtors® in the area and cultivating a culture of equality and sharing, we will all mature professionally, solve problems with better knowledge and experience, and reduce risk for our clients.

  • Some of us need professional assistance, training, mentoring, and apprenticeship. We all did at one time and we are glad to help each other with a hand-up. But we will celebrate the day each broker becomes an independent and autonomous broker no longer dependent on the brokerage.

  • When brokers stay because they choose to, then we are truly successful as a cooperative.

I am more than happy to speak with you and share all that Bella Casa has to offer. I truly believe that we offer the best professional opportunities and compensation package around. Give me a call anytime.

Randy McCreith, Principal Broker Bella Casa Real Estate Group cell: 503-310-9147

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