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Winter Home Maintenance

It is not too late to start on some winter home maintenance. Many homeowners are unsure of what items they need to do and when is the best time to do it. We have put together a list of things to do in order to help you keep up with the duties of homeownership.

1. Now is a great time to tune up your HVAC heating system. If you don’t already have a HVAC system installed in your home, check out, to learn more about the installation process. Winter is the best time to get a HVAC system installed so if you’re thinking of getting one, now is the perfect time. If you already have a heating system in place, maintenance is key. Change the furnace filter and have a technician come out and do a service. It is better to be proactive than to be in a place of having your furnace or heat pump breaking down in the middle of a cold front. They will also make sure that it is running at the best efficiency and if there is any carbon monoxide leakage. Speaking of heating, some people may also choose to invest in electric radiators to install throughout the home. This way, there will be no excuses for the house not to be warm in the winter months. Plus, no energy will be wasted when using the radiators, so that’s another bonus!

2. Check out your roof. Is there a lot of moss that needs removing? Or are there loose or missing shingles? Make sure there is little to no build up of debris on the roof that can hold in water and cause more damage. You can do this yourself or you can hire a roofing company or handyman to do this. See if you need to replace conservatory roof too, as these can sometimes be very fragile, especially in winter.

3. Check for air leaks around windows and doors. It is amazing the heat loss that can take place when there are small cracks around windows and doors. For just a few dollars you can purchase some caulking and foam that can help to fill in the gaps around them. This can make your house more comfortable and also save you a lot of money

4. Check your insulation in the attic, around your plumbing pipes, and in the crawl space. In the crawl space, you want to make sure the vents are closed and all gaps are closed. Is there insulation around your water pipes? This is one of the most cost effective and easy things that you can do to prevent frozen pipes, and it even lessens the chance of having your pipes burst and cause more damage. Even making sure that there is a vapor barrier down can help keep the inside of your house clean and warm.

5. Make sure your gutters are clean of debris and that water flows down and away from your house. Ideally, you should have covers like those from Mastershieldatl fitted to protect them from the elements so that leaves and dirt cannot get into them. Water can cause a lot of damage if it is unable to flow smoothly and away from your basement and foundation. Cleaning gutters also helps to keep the damage down on your roof, siding and trim, decreasing the potential of needing services such as Northern California roofing companies provide.

6. Turn off exterior faucets and sprinkler systems and make sure they are drained and prepared for the cold season. Store your hoses and cover the faucets with a foam barrier that helps to insulate it from the cold. The sprinkler system can be drained by a professional, but the money you spend on them can be saved by not having expensive repairs when pipes burst or are damaged from not preparing them.

7. Have your chimney inspected and cleaned. This is something that should be done annually to prevent the build up of creosote and the possibility of a chimney fire or even one that catches your whole house on fire. This also helps to prevent the possibility of carbon monoxide build up in your home.

8. Be proactive in getting ready for the season. Don’t wait until everyone and their brother is at the hardware store. Take care of these things and enjoy the season in the warmth and comfort of your home.

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