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Writing an Offer

In the spirit of motivating buyers to submit offers, I thought it might be helpful to share what exactly goes into an offer…so that you can make an offer…today…because time is running out! (I hope I’m making myself clear).

Your Realtor® will help you understand the terms and conditions of the sale and plan a strategy for achieving an accepted offer. Sometimes this process involves an initial offer and several counter offers. Oral promises are not legally enforceable when it comes to the sale of real estate so every offer is presented in a formal written contract. This contract specifies price and all the terms and conditions of the purchase. For example, if the sellers said they’d contribute $2,000 toward your closing costs, be sure that is included in your written offer and in the final completed contract, or you will not have grounds to collect it later. After the offer is drawn up and signed, it will be presented to the seller agent by your Bella Casa Realtor® .

These happy homebuyers made an offer before the April 30th Deadline, and they received an $8,000 Tax Credit!*