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Our Story

“Sometimes you just have to create what you want to be a part of!” – Geri Weitzman

It was early spring of 2007. There were tremors in the housing markets of California, but no one here worried much about it. We had been experiencing a historic housing boom marked by expanding homeownership opportunities and local community growth.


Randy and Joni had lived through the February 9, 1971 San Fernando earthquake in Southern California but never expected anything like that when they moved to Oregon. California is home to earthquakes -  both in nature and in the economy. Their prices routinely grow sky-high, and then get shaken back down to the ground. We had learned to ignore it as an inevitable cyclical event. Little did we know, by the end of 2007 the mother of all quakes would shake the entire nation’s housing industry.


Just 4 months before this catastrophic event was when Randy, Joni, and Amy decided to launch Bella Casa Real Estate Group.


So much for foresight and good judgment!


BUT… if we lacked understanding about the size of the coming sub-prime quake, we did not lack vision and direction for what we knew would be a brokerage by Realtors and for Realtors. We began on the 15th of March, 2007 with just six brokers. By our first anniversary our 30th Realtor® had joined, making us the largest brokerage in McMinnville, and among the top three for size in our County.


Our goal has always been to be the brand of choice for our area. Over the years we have accomplished this by maintaining an excellent reputation for service and experience. We place a high value on offering the highest level of competent service available for our clients. Since the past is the best predictor of the future, we are very optimistic!

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Randy McCreith



Joni McCreith

Co-Owner & Designated Principal Broker


Amy McCormick

Managing Principal Broker & Co-Founder

About Bella Casa

Bella Casa Real Estate Group is a professional cooperative of Realtors who love the Pacific NW and Oregon. Our brokers are licensed to sell anywhere in the state of Oregon but we choose to focus our work primarily in SW Portland, Oregon Wine Country, and the Willamette Valley. We have offices in McMinnville, Newberg, and Silverton, and our brokers serve a diverse geographical and demographic areas:


Cities & Suburbs: Portland, Salem, Sherwood, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Wilsonville, Canby, Tigard, Tualatin, Oregon City, Happy Valley, and more


Small Towns: McMinnville, Newberg, Dundee, Silverton, Mt. Angel, Stanton


Rural towns: Carlton, Yamhill, Dundee, Dayton, Amity, Lafayette, Sheridan, Willamina, Scotts Mills, Molalla


We are free from the constraints of a national real estate bureaucracy, and we are free to conduct our practices with cutting-edge creativity and the finest personal local service. As a Professional Co-op we enjoy collegial professional relationships which sharpen our skills and challenge us to better, smarter, next generation services for you.


We want your business! We are eager to help you and hope to develop a long-term relationship. We trust we will be able to earn your respect. The preeminent indicator of our success would be that after your experience working with our Brokerage, you choose to entrust your friends and family members to us by way of referrals.


Thank you for spending some time on our website, getting to know us virtually. We encourage you to take time to interview us to make a wise decision about who you will entrust the important tasks of selling your current home or buying your next home. Please reach out one of our brokers for immediate response.


Buy. Sell. Be Happy.

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