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Sheridan, a hidden gem not visible for the most part until you do a little looking. Located on the way to the coast off Highway 18, you'll see the big sign proclaiming Sheridan, The Home of Sheridan Days, and then drive past the Dairy Queen. The streets are clean and the town is attractive with a nice mix of small businesses and well-maintained homes. Sheridan is an open and friendly community with many opportunities to get involved.

Official City Website:
Sheridan – Google – Sheridan
Location: 16 miles southwest of McMinnville
FYI: The City of Sheridan was named after Union General in the American Civil War by founder and first postmaster Absolom B. Faulconer in 1866.
Population: 4,658 (2021)
Established: 1880
Attractions: Sheridan Public Library, Sheridan Hometown Days (car show, parade, and more), Sheridan Museum of History, Veteran's Tribute Memorial, vineyards & wine tasting

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