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Professional Recommendations

We are often asked for assistance in referring competent, economical, and local people and businesses. There are liabilities prohibiting us from making those choices for you, and we are uncomfortable steering you to only one option.
Below we have compiled a list of those we know, or those our clients have done business with and are satisfied with the value and the service they have received.

Disclaimer: Bella Casa Real Estate Group and its brokers do not have affiliated business relationships with these individuals or businesses. We do not receive any form of compensation for recommending their services. The only benefit we receive is knowing that our clients will be well-served by local, accountable professionals. It is our pleasure to refer these individuals and businesses on the basis of their past performance but we cannot guarantee future performance. No one on this website can pay to have their information displayed; it is provided as a courtesy to them and for our clients on the basis of merit only. Anyone listed here will be removed when we believe they fail to live up to high standards of service, integrity, and value. Your comments are welcome.

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