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Geo Technical Engineering & Environmental Testing

We have compiled this list of Oregon Environmental Testing companies that we know, or those our clients have done business with and are satisfied with the value and the service they have received. Bella Casa does not guarantee that all services listed here are current on licensing and do not guarantee the quality of their work. All parties are advised to complete their full due diligence on checking status of licenses, references, business background, complaints and all pertinent information when a hiring business or individual from this service list.

Josh Samter

Environmental Testing & Training NW

Cell: 971-570-0069

2266 McGilchrist St SE, Suite #220

Salem, OR 97302

Karl Van Zandt

EnviroProbe NW

Geo-exploration: Air, Soil, Water

Office: 503-304-9563

4931 Mink Ct., NE

Salem, OR 97305

Gary C. Sandstrom, Geologist, LLC

Geohazard evaluation, foundation assessment, zoning & land use, geotechnical engineering

Cell: 503-547-3678

634 SW 54th St.

Corvallis, OR 97333

Noal Kraft, CIEC, CMC

G2 Consultants, Inc.

Environmental Testing

Office: 888-998-4224

16869 SW 65th Avenue, #15

Lake Oswego, OR 97035

List updated 03/22/23


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