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Page updated 01/31/2024


Yamhill is a quaint little town located on the western edge of Oregon’s beautiful Willamette Valley. It is a fertile growing community, not only agriculturally, but with both multi-generational and young families as well. Yamhill is surrounded by vineyards & the area has become known as the heart of Oregon’s Wine Country! In addition to the many wineries, several large nurseries also make their homes in Yamhill.

Official City Website:
Google Maps – Google – Yamhill
Location: Situated on the intersection of OR 47 and OR 240.
FYI: Originally named North Yamhill, it was incorporated under the name Yamhill by the Oregon Legislative Assembly on February 20, 1891.
Population: 1,147 (2020)
Established: 1891
Attractions: The area is home to many recreational opportunities: summer finds Yamhill on the route for countless bicycle and motor cycling tours, and many summer mornings find the Yamhill skies punctuated by hot air balloons, an increasingly popular sport throughout the region. Finally, finding itself less than an hours drive to both downtown Portland and Oregon’s coastal cities, Yamhill and the surrounding areas often become rest & picnic stops along the way for weekend motorists on their way to the beaches or casinos. 

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