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Willamina is nestled in the foothills of the coastal range. Enjoy a range of lush forest trails, fishing, swimming, off-road recreation, camping within minutes. Whether you're an art enthusiast or adventurer, there's something for the whole family. 

Official City Website:
Willamina – Google – Willamina
Location: 2miles north of highways 22/18 junction, 3 miles west of Sheridan
FYI: Although there is some disagreement, the town may have been named for Willamina Maley, an early visitor with her husband in 1845.
Population: 2,262 (2021)
Established: 1903
Attractions: 6 city parks including a stocked fishing pond, nearby hunting, fishing, camping and swimming along Willamina, Mill and other coastal hills creeks and the South Yamhill River, art tour studios, historic downtown restaurants, shops, art studios, museum.

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