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Homeowners Insurance

We have compiled this list of local Oregon homeowners insurance agents that we know, or those our clients have done business with and are satisfied with the value and the service they have received. Bella Casa does not guarantee that all services listed here are current on licensing and do not guarantee the quality of their work. All parties are advised to complete their full due diligence on checking status of licenses, references, business background, complaints and all pertinent information when a hiring business or individual from this service list.

Hagan Hamilton Insurance

Phone: 503-538-4455

1556 E 1st St., Newberg

Phone: 503-472-2165

448 SE Baker St., McMinnville

Phone: 503-843-2384

130 SW Monroe St., Sheridan

Rich Utti

State Farm Insurance

Phone: 503-472-6328

Fax: 503-434-2888

620 SW Linfield Ave.

McMinnville, OR 97128

Mike McBride

Farmers Insurance Group

Phone: 503-538-8898

Fax: 503-538-1612

1548 E. First St.

Newberg, OR 97132

Jennifer Chapman

Farmers Insurance Group

Phone: 503-435-2975

Fax: 503-472-9413

2125 NE McDonald Lane

McMinnville, OR 97128

List updated 03/23/23


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