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6 Things to Expect During Your Home Search

This is some of what you can expect to take place during your home search:[space10]

1. Your search could take 6-9 months

Most people begin their online searches 6-9 months before they are ready to buy. We know this, accept this, and will never try to rush you into any decision. Your Bella Casa agent will feed you appropriate, professional information that may have a bearing on your timing. For example:

  1. We usually can tell when a property will not last long on the market because it is such a good deal.

  2. We monitor the mortgage industry and know when rates are most attractive.

  3. We daily watch market conditions for changes and trends in the market.

  4. We know the history of a property and monitor new listings and price reductions.

  5. We do know that some people may have to lose a property before they understand the dynamics of the marketplace and its timing.

  6. Our promise to you is that we will educate, but never push or put pressure on you to make a decision before you are ready and fully informed.

2. Do your homework

You have access the most accurate and up-to-date real estate listing information 24 hours a day. We have purchased s