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6 Things to Expect During Your Home Search

This is some of what you can expect to take place during your home search:[space10]

1. Your search could take 6-9 months

Most people begin their online searches 6-9 months before they are ready to buy. We know this, accept this, and will never try to rush you into any decision. Your Bella Casa agent will feed you appropriate, professional information that may have a bearing on your timing. For example:

  1. We usually can tell when a property will not last long on the market because it is such a good deal.

  2. We monitor the mortgage industry and know when rates are most attractive.

  3. We daily watch market conditions for changes and trends in the market.

  4. We know the history of a property and monitor new listings and price reductions.

  5. We do know that some people may have to lose a property before they understand the dynamics of the marketplace and its timing.

  6. Our promise to you is that we will educate, but never push or put pressure on you to make a decision before you are ready and fully informed.

2. Do your homework

You have access the most accurate and up-to-date real estate listing information 24 hours a day. We have purchased software for our website that allows our guests and clients to access the local RMLS database directly. You can be assured that no one has more thorough, accurate, or timely information than you. Once you have examined all the active listings, then it becomes less time consuming to focus on only the news listings that trickle onto the market.

3. Make a list

Do you really know what you need and want in your home? You’ll save yourself many hours of shopping (and potential arguing) if you make a list ahead of time. Zero in on the features you must have, would like to have, definitely don’t want, and prefer not to have. Your goal is to find the right home for your family without falling in love with one that doesn’t suit your needs. Tip: Start compiling your wish list by thinking about what you like and dislike about your current home. Property searches may take place on the sites of particular neighborhood developments like northgate real estate in Colorado in the hopes of finding suitable properties there that meet all the needs you noted on your list.

4. Take notes

Rather than relying on memory, make notes about the homes you visit . Turn your priorities into a personalized home-shopping checklist and use it track the features of each home. Once you’ve shortlisted the homes you like and decide on one, you may have to plan a lot of other things as well. This may include hiring professional movers (check the likes of and cleaning companies to get your home ready to move in. Make sure to take notes on all of these so that you don’t forget what needs to be done. All of this can be stressful but with the right planning, it could be a piece of cake as well.

5. Sometimes your search is discouraging and depressing.

Remember, all buyers are in your shoes…and only one buyer can get the house. So, keep looking, keep trying, and you WILL eventually get a wonderful home. I would also encourage you to leave your offer as a back up offer because many times the first buyer cannot get the house due to lending issues. You might be surprised how often this happens.

6. Your Bella Casa Realtor ® will think outside the box

We hear about and see opportunities that are not on the market, not yet on the market, or might be possibilities. We will go to any length to find what you want. We can send mailers into areas (neighborhoods, targeted rural areas, demographically selected criteria, etc). We will advertise for an appropriate property, make calls, and knock on doors if needed. We network with Realtors ® and industry professionals far and wide to see what others might know and to glean a lead for you.

Published 11/03/2014


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