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Bad Reasons to Start a Career in Real Estate

We welcome those who have a vision for what they can accomplish in real estate, and a desire to be successful. Being a part of real estate agencies is no easy business, and only the very best can become highly successful. We want you to become one of the finest professionals in the business and successful enough to fund your dreams and mission in life. But we also encourage you to carefully consider your motives before you pay the price to get into this profession.

Why do you want to go into real estate?

I have interviewed scores of new agents over the years and I always ask this question. 95% of the time I hear these first two responses, [accordion_group] [accordion title=”I love working with people”]And what about those people you love? It’s true, there will be many wonderful people and you will make many new friends. You will gain great wisdom about people. This truly is one of the great rewards of our work.

But… you also will work with every conceivable kind of person on the planet. Many of them will stretch your patience and push all your buttons. You must be purely professional in spite of rudeness, inconsiderate behavior, indecisive personalities, quarreling spouses, irrational responses, unfair demands, costly disloyalty, and people who will not trust your knowledge and expertise. You will be blamed unfairly, and when you accomplish great feats, you will not be appreciated for what you have sacrificed for them. You must have patience, exceptional tolerance, and persistent endurance to be successful with people.