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How are Realtors® doing in this real estate environment?

Many of our colleagues are no longer in the business. Many familiar names have been through what too many of our clients are going through- car repossessions, default, short sales, foreclosures, even bankruptcy. Many Realtors® currently have picked up part time work to pay the bills.

Those of us who are survivors work 4 times harder to get the job done than ever before and get a small fraction of the pay we used to get. We are long on hours, and long on patience and persistence which are the chief commodities we need more than anything else. We writhe in pain at times and we experience sincere sympathy for those affected by all of this during the past 4 years and in each transaction.

In spite of the challenges, we are optimistic and positive people who believe ‘this too shall pass’. We are redeveloping our strategies, adapting to new realities, and expanding our businesses. We believe the good things in the economy are like birth pangs which foretell better days around the corner. Bella Casa Real Estate Group has opened a second office and celebrated our 4th Anniversary last Tuesday. We continue to grow in numbers and reach and we continue to vie for the top position in all Yamhill County. All we need is what everyone needs – more sales!

I hope this broadens your perspective on the market place. The reality is that it is tough for everyone, our intention is to stand firm, and the expectation is that all this nonsense will work itself out soon. We dream of a balanced market which will self-regulate and neither seller nor buyer will have all the power.

We are grateful for all our clients. You help us feed our families and pursue our dreams. We would be exceedingly grateful for your referrals of our services to your friends, families, neighbors, co-workers, and other associates. We will give everyone our professional best and treat them like we would want to be served.

Best regards,


Randy McCreith, Principal Broker

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Buy. Sell. Be Happy.


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