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How to Paint a Room

With the new year upon us many of us are looking for ways to update a room with paint or with other decorative ideas. Many times this is to get the house ready for sale, but other times it is just because it is time to update or they are ready for a new look. Better still, look for any kind of repairs like a leaky roof (you might require the assistance of a roof replacement Sunshine Coast professional in this case) or a mold growth – that might hinder your painting process! Whatever the reason paint is always a great and inexpensive way to update a room. Nevertheless, not everyone would be interested in painting the room by themselves. If you belong to the said category, you could find a local painter with the help of firms like My House Painter.

However, if you’re planning to do it yourself, here are the basic steps that it takes to paint a room.

1. Gather all the supplies that you need. Purchase paint and primer, get drop cloths, make sure you have paint rollers and brushes, even a stick to stir the paint so that it is well blended. a lot of paint departments have kits that you can buy that have the basic materials needed to do the job.

2. Clear the room. Remove furniture either from the room or move it away from the area as far away as you can. Take pictures off the walls that are being painted and make as much space as possible so that you are less likely to get any paint on places that you do not want.

3. Clear the walls. Remove nails, fill holes, patch rough areas and blend them in as much as possible.

4. Remove hardware. Remove switch plates and outlet covers, hinges and knobs and anything that is easily removable that might get in the way of painting.

5. Tape. With good painters masking tape, AKA the blue tape, tape off all areas that you do not want paint on. Use short pieces over lapping so that you get a good straight line and it is easier to work with.