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Is Your House as Affordable as You Think?

Many people in Yamhill County commute to their jobs. So when determining a potential home’s affordability, don’t forget to factor in your commuting transportation costs. The Center for Neighborhood Technology conducted a recent study that revealed only 39% of American communities are affordable for households when the cost of commuting is factored in to the overall cost of housing.

Buyers who work in Portland often seek lower cost housing out of the city, sometimes with long commutes. But the recent study shows that many times high transportation costs actually outweigh the savings from purchasing a suburban home.  Depending on the commute, average transportation costs can vary widely from 12-32% of household income.

This is an important reminder for buyers to carefully examine ALL related household expenses when determining the value of a potential home. With that being said, however, we find that Yamhill County is an excellent location to live, raise families, and enjoy the good things of life! (Make the most of your commute and listen to music or a book on CD!)

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