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The Selling Process | From Start to Sold in 11 Steps

If you are considering selling your home and want to know what happens from start to finish, this article will certainly prove helpful. It can be daunting, but researching the process is a great place to start. We are here to help guide you through the process, so please reach out any time.

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Step 1 - Property Valuation: What is your Home Worth? --3 to 6 weeks prior to listing--

For more information on this step, see also our article, Determining Property Value.

In order to determine the current market value for your home, REALTORS® compile what is referred to as a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) by researching recent comparable sales in the vicinity of your home. Most likely, the REALTOR® providing you with this CMA will want to do a simple walkthrough of your home initially, making notes on features, improvements, or anything else you may feel ought to be considered when pricing your home. After finalizing his or her research, your REALTOR® will set up a follow-up meeting to discuss their findings with you.

Step 2 - Interview and Hire a REALTOR® --3 to 6 weeks prior to listing--

Step 3 - Sign the Listing Documents --2 to 3 weeks prior to listing--

Step 4 - Prepare the Marketing Materials for Going Live --1 to 2 weeks prior to listing--

Step 5 - Show the Home to Prospective Buyers --Day 1 of listing, and beyond!--

Step 6 - Receive an Offer for Purchase --30 to 45 days to closing--

Step 7 - Negotiate Any Repairs --15 to 25 days to closing--

Step 8 - Home Appraisal --10 to 15 days to closing--

Step 9 - Pack Up! You've (Almost) Sold Your Home --10 to 15 days to closing--

Step 10 - Signing at Title and Escrow --a few days to closing--

Step 11 - Signing at Title and Escrow --day of closing--

Want to talk more about the process for selling your home? Reach out to one of Bella Casa Real Estate Group’s experienced REALTORS® today for a free consultation!


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