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We Bought a Foreclosure

A year ago now my husband and I bought a foreclosed home. It was our dream property, we had fixed up a few homes before so we were ready to dig into this project. While I would never wish we had done this, I do wish that I was more prepared for what we have encountered. Here are the 5 top things that we learned about a foreclosed home.

1. Be ready for a home that has delayed maintenance– The former owner was doing all he could to keep his home and was not able to keep up on all the maintenance projects that needed to be done. For instance, apart from refinishing the basement and repainting the interiors, the former owner was also about to opt for HVAC repair perhaps with the help of professionals who could provide quick Furnace and AC Repair. Honestly, it is alright–it is understandable that there was so much on his plate that it took him some time to finish everything.

2. Get a thorough inspection– W