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Winners of the Anniversary Celebration Drawing in Newberg

These fabulous folks came to our 5 year anniversary party in Newberg this past Friday night – and won some pretty awesome prizes!

$15 Coffee Card to Coffee Cats: Victoria Linton; Kipp Jorgensen

$15 Coffee Card to Chapters:Mark Jackson; Janay Cookson

$75 Dinner Gift Certificate to SubTerra: Jean Gallagher

1 each iPod Shuffles: David Holmes; Erin Harris

$50 Gift Certificate to Yamhill’s: Missi Gregg

Kim Hamblin print, “Hers, His, Theirs”: Jeff Rathjen

Kim Hamblin print, “Prairie Plants”: Sue Bissett

Winery Tour: Charles Keen

Winners of a bottle of local wine:

  1. Carl Craig

  2. Jean Fulton

  3. Sharon Schneider

  4. Michelle Gregor

  5. Leigh Williams

  6. Daryl & Cindy Nelson

  7. Myrna Anderson

  8. Cassandra.

Coming up on Thursday, March 15th, we will continue to party in McMinnville with more prizes – including a Kindle Fire! This is a community-wide event so we hope to see you between 4-7pm next Thursday.

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