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10 Reasons to Keep Listings Active Over the Holidays

by LuxuryHomeMagazine

Many sellers are tempted to take their listing off the market over the holidays. Here are ten reasons why it’s important to keep your listing active.

1. People that are looking for homes during the holidays are BUYERS, not lookers. If someone is out scouring homes for sale then they need a place to live.

2. Many people want to take advantage of the tax benefits of buying before the end of the year.

3. There is less competition for your home due to market inventory. Everyone else is waiting until after the end of the year to put their home up!

4. Homes show better during the holidays with all the decorations.

5. Luxury Home Magazine’s next issue runs from Dec 11 through March 1 and we have great pricing specials going on right now.

6. Buyers tend to have more available time to look at homes during the holidays.

7. You can be on the market but restrict showings on the days during the holidays the you do not want people in your home.

8. Buyers tend to be emotional during the holidays and may pay more for your home.

9. January is a month that many people will start new jobs so that will bring in more serious buyers.

10. You can sell the home now and try to set up a delayed closing so you will not have to more until later.

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