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"A thing of beauty is a joy forever"

Whether you’ve just bought your new home or you’re getting ready to sell, do not neglect your landscaping. Beautiful gardens and well maintained landscapes not only add value to your property, they bring peace and tranquility and joy to your home. It’s springtime, and time to get your gardens weeded, flowers planted, and get investing in some stunning structures like an outdoor pavilion for that real wow factor that will help sell your home.

Jeanie Taylor is a professional garden consultant right here in Yamhill County. The following short bio is from Jeanie, and you can also find out more about Jeanie at her website

“I like to work with homeowners personally to answer their questions and help them in their gardens. This is also known as garden coaching – like a personal trainer, but for gardening! My emphasis is on personal service and connecting with the client. So many clients ask me about different plants and garden furniture and I like to be able to help them. I can recommend great outdoor porch swings or the bluest of flowers, it all depends on what they want from the landscape.

For a new homeowner, this might mean identifying what they have and giving them an “owners manual” on how to take good care of their landscape assets. If they want to change things around, I can work with them. I also do maintenance and renovation on an hourly or project basis. If they need extensive or specialized work, I can talk to contractors with them and help them get bids.

For sellers, I can look at the most efficient and cost-saving ways to make their landscape look attractive and appealing within their budget; again, working with them, doing the work myself, or helping them talk to service providers.

The work I do myself includes “fine gardening” tasks such as basic pruning, plant selection and installation, weeding, soil amendments, mulching, and advice on small scale design. However, there are some jobs that are too big for my help. For example, if a new lawn needs laying then the experts are needed, but I can help homeowners find suitable sod delivery. I can also help homeowners talk to specialists for hardscape, landscape construction, irrigation, water features, large pruning jobs and tree work, or large and complete redesigns.

I divide my time between Seattle and Sheridan. I have been working on an oak woodland and savanna restoration project with the Yamhill Conservation District since 2005. I have a blog about that project at”

If you’ve just bought your dream home, get in touch with Jeanie today to transform your garden and yard into your own private park, or alternatively she can point you in the direction of a company similar to this Las Vegas landscaping company or another local to you that provide the same professional landscaping services! If you’re selling your home, get in touch with Jeanie to ensure that the state of your yard isn’t the deterrent in a potential sale!

Jeanie Taylor Taylor Gardens

Published on: May 11, 2011

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