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After the Sale

1. Keep your closing papers in a safe place. They are valuable! You will use them to figure out tax deductions for the year and in the future, they will come in handy when the property is sold again.

2. Confirm with your insurance professional that your homeowners insurance is active and in place, including fire, theft, and liability insurance.

3. Purchase or renew a Home Warranty, which can safe-guard against costly, unexpected repairs and replacements on the home’s critical systems and appliances. (See our list of referred Home Warranty vendors). You may wish to check out the available plans so that you can compare them and ensure that you are getting the best deal; see this website to get started –

4. Call the Utility Companies. Gas, electric, cable, telephone, garbage service, and any other providers for your home must be called to ensure service is in your name. You can also double-check what day your garbage will be picked up and when your bills will be due.

5. Two weeks after closing, contact the property records office to confirm your deed has been officially recorded.

6. Find Your Main Circuit Breaker. Take the time to locate the main breaker box for your home and label each breaker correctly.

7. Extra Paint. Many new homes will have cans of unused paint left in them. These are great for touch-ups and for getting an exact match when re-painting. Make sure these cans are stored all in one place where they are free from freezing or getting too hot.

8. Find the Off Switch. Locate the main water shut-off and make sure all household members know where it is located. It is also not a bad idea to purchase a water cut-off wrench in case it ever is necessary to turn off your water supply from the meter.

9. Some homeowners find it helpful to make a photo or video record of the home and their possessions for insurance purposes, and then keep the records in a safety deposit box. Contact your insurance provider for recommendations on what to photograph and how to secure it.

10. Enjoy! Homeownership can be a fulfilling and wonderful experience. Congratulations on this exciting stage of your life. We at Bella Casa hope that you and your family make many cherished memories in your new home.

Published on: Dec 11, 2012


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