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Become a Change Agent

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You are reading this article because you are considering a career change or a change to another brokerage. You have found a professional resume writing service to help you and now you’re ready to begin that job search. You want more and something better, something exciting which offers hope and new potential. I want you to consider more than just a change in environment and structure – let’s change the manner of real estate in our local communities. [space5]

It’s time to let ‘Old School’ ways die out!

Recently I received an email from one of our Realtors® that expressed very well what I have come to believe:

[blockquote]”I think there are some ‘old school’ agents that consider real estate a combative occupation, and they take everything as a threat or an insult.”[/blockquote][space5]

I will add that for some Realtors® the goal is conquest over other agents or offices, and the idea that “I must decisively win, and you must decisively lose.” Competition is about “us vs them.” For some, every difficulty is a call to war and every offense received is another memory in their arsenal stored for future use. It is not enjoyable to work with such people; well let’s just say it, it is miserable and taxing! It is also not good for our industry or our clients.

This same Realtor® continued,

[blockquote]”I hope in the years to come Bella Casa Real Estate Group can not only have a different culture in our office, but I hope that we can also affect other brokerages and cause them to be more willing to work together for the good of all of our clients and the community.” [/blockquote][space5]

We need to work diligently to create and maintain a professional manner and courtesy that becomes second nature. We must nurture this in our own workplace but also cultivate it anywhere in the community of Realtors® where there is fertile ground. Let me suggest some characteristics that I hope you will commit yourself to as you consider changes for the future of your business:

[pullquote align=”right”]New school practices acknowledge that a ‘win-win’ strategy is not only possible but attainable.[/pullquote]

At its core, new school practices acknowledge that a ‘win-win’ strategy is not only possible but attainable. Negotiations are about finding the crucial values of each client and finding ways to achieve what my client needs and wants – while also giving something that is important for the other client. We strain to find ways to please both parties. Sometimes both clients have to compromise to achieve a sale which is in everyone’s best interest, but even there the sacrifices can be shared equally. Why can we not have this wisdom and strategy as we work with competing brokers?

We have all witnessed winners who are gracious and those who are arrogant and belligerent. Professional courtesies go a long way toward crafting a change which we will all benefit from. Putting our industry before our individual sensitivities is good business. Forging a first-class reputation for our brokerage is about how we do business. Tolerance, generosity, understanding, patience, and wisdom are the building blocks; consistency is the regular maintenance that protects our reputation. Respect is about a lot more than power or sales numbers; it is built because of genuine character.

Moreover, it is incredibly important to make sure that employees feel valued and that hard work is rewarded. For example, there is a lot of research to suggest that workplaces that provide gifts, incentives, and bonuses for employees often score highly in terms of reported job satisfaction. Correspondingly, you can learn more about operating an employee rewards program by taking a look at the Blueboard website.

Become a Change-Agent

So as you consider changing where you work, the business model you think will offer you the best opportunity, and your goals and objectives for this next year, consider becoming an agent for change also. If you already aspire to these values, then I encourage you to patiently and methodically be the inspiration and example for improving our industry, our service to our clients, and even more so with you, the culture of Bella Casa Real Estate Group!


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