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Bella Casa's YCAP Food Drive a Huge Success

The Fill the Lobby 2010 food drive was a huge success over the holidays and into the New Year! YCAP experiences its lowest food inventory during the months of January and February, so they were thrilled to receive a boost in donations this past week.

  1. 804 pounds of food

  2. $39 in cash ($1 buys 4lbs of food)

  3. Enough food to provide 620 meals for families

We were told by YCAP that this was one of the best food drives they’ve had this year. They were especially grateful for the signage along Hwy 99W and 19th Street as it created an incredible amount of awareness. YCAP doesn’t have a marketing budget so the visible recognition was a big help to them.

Thank you to all of you who helped out and donated food.  It wasn’t possible without you! YCAP hopes that we will be willing to hold another food drive in the future and we assured them we would love to.

We also want to thank Robin’s Performance Group for heading up this effort. Robin and her team orchestrated and energized the food drive, decorated the lobby, and communicated with YCAP.

Thank you for giving so generously!