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The Lure of Historic Properties

Historic homes have many wonderful qualities beyond the visible charm of crown molding and built-ins. Consider the following five advantages to buying older or historic properties.

Search for historic homes here and select the range of years when the home was built.

Advantages of buying older or historic properties:

1. Appreciation of history. For those of you who love a good story, you could live in a home that was built by a city founder or has served some very interesting purposes over the decades. Do the names Wortman, Michelbook, Newby, Sitton, and Cozine ring any bells? See where their historic homes are located here.

2. Walkability. Older homes are typically located closer to the “hub” of town so it’s easier and faster to run your errands. Think about enjoying a walk to a great downtown restaurant, books store, or coffee shop. There’s a good chance you’ll even be close enough to walk to your errands at the post office, the community center, or the library. Save money on gas with fewer car trips to the center of town each week.

3. Opportunity to restore beauty, value — and history. You can make your mark on history by making improvements to an older home, such as replacing the carpets, refinishing hardwood floors, or remodeling the windows during the summer. The summer season does not pose a similar challenge to remodeling projects as the rainy season does. You would anyway be enjoying the outdoors. Hence, it would be easier for you to contact experts in summer renovations and get the job done as soon as possible so that you can enjoy the newly bought and renovated historic house.

That said, some older attributes of the home can be left as it is (for their heritage characteristics) and damaged parts and rooms can be designed based on your interests. A home renovation firm like Easy Renovation or a similar one can aid in the renovation of historic property. They tend to have the specialization in remodelling kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. In case, you want to change the whole look of the house according to your needs, you can take the assistance of an architect (find one by searching online for “architecture firms near me“).

4. Tax breaks: a 20% tax credit available for qualifying renovation costs of a historic investment property (not for owner-occupied properties, unfortunately). Note: If you believe your home falls under the “historic” category, then make sure to check with your city’s planning commission first. The McMinnville Planning Commission: Historic Preservation has an ordinance in place that regulates altering and remodeling McMinnville historic properties.

5. Older homes were built to last — and have already proven themselves. Just make sure to get a thorough home inspection using a company similar to this Home Inspector Austin, TX has to offer or other locations required, so you aren’t surprised by a plumbing or electrical overhaul after you’ve purchased the property.

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