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Can’t I Work with Multiple Agents?

Others may think that an industry professional has nothing more to offer them than what they already have. These people think they know it all. In reality, there is nothing I can do as well as a focused and experienced professional who spends his or her time dedicated to the intricacies of the trade.

Some think about the easiest, simplest, and most efficient use of time to accomplish something.  That is the best reason to use a professional. A true professional is a great financial value, offers protection and expertise, and will do so in the most efficient way to minimize negative impact on your life.

We are committed to being the very best for our clients and providing them with the finest service they will ever know. The satisfaction of being the best, giving the best, and accomplishing the best, is most rewarding to us. Yes, we are rewarded financially and can pursue our dreams in life but that is not the most important aspect. There is the intangible satisfaction of accomplishing the difficult task of pleasing people and building a valuable reputation.

We cannot provide the level of service we enjoy giving without knowing that the people we serve will be loyal to us until the end. We are paid only when the property closes. If we provide excellent service for 6 months and then the client buys with another broker, we gain nothing and have lost much. If we do not know that someone will reward our faithful efforts with the loyalty to work with us to the end, then we must over-commit to too many people and compromise our service. This runs contrary to our passion. Businesses who under-serve their customers lose the commitment of the very people who make them successful. We do not want to be counted among them.

A Safe Way of Committing to a Realtor®

  1. Interview a prospective agent to learn about personality, experience, specialties, values, and manners. You can begin this process by reading the broker’s bio or website. You can interview by email with questions and comments. You can talk by phone, or, the best? come into our office and sit and talk face to face.

  2. Test-drive a prospective agent. Ask to be taken out to see 4 or 5 properties in a day and see the broker in action. Are you comfortable? Do they present themselves professionally? Do they act professionally? Are they helpful and knowledgeable? Do they listen to what you say and understand what you want? Do they continue to keep you informed and send value-added information for your quest?

  3. When you are comfortable, communicate your intention to work solely with your broker until closing. At that point you will be placed on the Priority Service List. When our Realtors® are able to do this, then they are willing to turn down other work and reserve that premium level of service for you. Your loyalty allows us to guarantee our service.

  4. Still not a committing person? Of course, we hope that if we serve you well that you will reward our efforts with payment for services. That only can happen if we write the offer for you, represent you in a sale, and close it to your satisfaction. If you ask us to write the offer for you, you are automatically on our Priority Service List.

  5. Our guarantee insures you will not be locked into a relationship that does not serve your interests before ours. If we fall short of your expectations, please tell us so we can correct the oversight. If desired, we will provide you with another professional to serve you. If that does not satisfy you, then we will not hold you to any expectation of loyalty.

Published on: Nov 30, 2012


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