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Cap & Splits

[pullquote align=”right”]Commissions allow you to be rewarded in direct proportion to your ability to work hard, work smart, and become successful.[/pullquote] [dropcap character=”W” color=”blue”]While pay is rarely the most important issue in job satisfaction, it is certainly near the top and a decisive issue! The finest sales people in the world get paid by commission and they would have it no other way!  Good sales professionals can surpass their potential of hourly pay, and they get to focus on a single profession’s duties (unlike management) and can earn more than their peers in salaried positions.

There are downsides, of course: you get paid only when you complete a sale, the industry is cyclical (good and bad times), some people can cheat you out of your pay, and the competition can be formidable. Most ‘normal’ people also cannot handle receiving irregular paychecks and unpredictable income. But the ones who can will make more money.

In the real estate industry there are many factors in how much money you take home. To evaluate an opportunity and compare with other brokerages, a Realtor® should consider all of these issues: [one_half]