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Good Property Condition Can Get a Quicker Sale & Better Price

Home “flippers” want a fixer-upper but they also require the low price which goes with it. Perfectly manicured, hardly lived in, designer homes sell quicker and get a much higher price. Most people want a turn-key home that needs only cosmetic customization based on the buyer’s preferences. People hate repairs, especially the repairs that are not enjoyable expenditures such as plumbing and electrical fixes, crawlspace issues, roof and gutters, replacement windows, water heater, cracked concrete, etc. If you are in need of replacement windows but are unsure on what kind to get, then it may be in your best interests to have a look at fiberglass replacement windows for ideas.

It has been a ruthless buyers’ market with great demands made on sellers for the price and then again after the inspection. Prepare your home for sale by completing projects, making all known repairs, and updating whatever you are able to do, touching up paint, etc. Anything sub-standard about your property will require a price offset to get it sold. You can sell a home in any condition but the more challenges, the less money you get. This is why some people get hold of a company similar to Dwyer Custom Painting for interior and exterior painting before they place their property on the market. Keeping your house looking well maintained can attract buyers because the outside of the house is the first thing the viewer will see, which can have an influence on their opinion of the property. If you’re planning on putting your home for sale, we can help you through it.

Presentation is crucial in a competitive market.

You do not sell your home in the same condition you living in it. Home and Garden TV has helped Realtors® greatly. These real estate reality shows help buyers to see the competitive process and learn basic principles of property presentation. De-clutter and de-personalize have become the most well known. Sparse and space is good. We also want buyers to imagine themselves in the house not think of it as your home. Remember, in the housing industry, like the clothing and the auto industries, the styles change more often than ever right now. Home Depot and Lowes, specialty stores for flooring, tile, paint, light fixtures, etc. mean that people can remodel and re-decorate frequently, and if you lack the confidence to do the installation yourself you need only search for “tile near me” or something similar to find a variety of companies to help. Buyers pay most for homes which are not dated.

Consider a pre-listing inspection to be able to eliminate repair obstacles. Get people like in beforehand to make sure everything is up to standard beforehand. Think about staging your home for sale. If it gets you a quicker offer and a higher price negotiated, your efforts are worth money in your pocket.

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