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How Does a Buyer’s Agent Get Paid?

If you happen to notice, many retail operations tend to invest in a retail pos system that has the most advanced features on the market, like a reporting suite, advanced inventory management, a credit card processor, and almost any integration you can dream up. When comparing that process with the current market situation, you can see that marketing and sales are both essential elements of any product or service. Any time you buy something, you’re paying fees, commissions, and expenses that allowed the product or service to be sold, pique your interest, make your life better and more enjoyable, and allow you to achieve your goals.

In one way there is no difference in real estate. The costs of providing the real estate industry infrastructure, the development of professional salespeople, the marketing and advertising budget for the property, and a thousand miscellaneous expenses are attached to the product being sold; in this case, the property. Most commonly the commissions attached to homes for sale run from 4-7% but are fully negotiable by law. These costs are paid by the seller.

In another way, real estate is unique. ‘Commissions’ in our industry is a very public issue. Even though most products and services have commissions hidden in their costs, real estate commissions are public and often misunderstood.

In most cases, the commission fees built into the cost of the property are divided 4 ways. At the closing of a sale the commission fees are first split between the listing brokerage and the selling brokerage. Commonly the split is 50/50% or 55% to the listing office and 45% to the selling office. Once fees and expenses are taken by each brokerage (the company), then a further split is dispersed to each broker.

The listing broker’s compensation pays for their marketing expenses, personal business expenses, and personal income and profit. The buyer’s agent receives his or her portion for the business expenses of finding buyers and successfully assisting them to buy the property of their choice. It is in the seller’s best interest to motivate agents to ‘sell their property’ and the motivation for agents is the same as for anyone in business: money to support one’s life and achieve one’s dreams.

So using a specialist, dedicated and focused on the needs of buyers has no effect on the cost of the property. We believe you get so much more quality service without any additional cost to yourself.

Published on: Nov 30, 2012


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