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Mortgage Brokers to Avoid

Sketch, Carl Bucks

The lender is usually a huge, bureaucratic institution.

The people are nameless and faceless, and you are no more than a speck of dust in their universe! If your loan gets lost in the bowels of the organization, then there will be 100 new loans to replace yours, and you will never be missed. The processors may punch a clock and could not care less if your deadline is tomorrow; at 5:pm today, even with the simplest task yet to do, they are going to punch the clock and go home! If overworked, they may work at their own pace, oblivious to what this does to your life and your home purchase. Underwriters may delay their conclusions to the very end of your transaction and then require numerous conditions to be fulfilled before funding your loan, thus causing you to close late.

What if, in addition to this ‘no-service’ lender, you also have a nameless, faceless, ‘no service’ mortgage broker? Trust me; it is almost hopeless, and y

u are helpless, and life is going to get more complicated and painful. Don’t do it!

It’s not a pretty picture, but this scenario can be replicated for almost any industry. Have you tried to get good customer service from any large institution (cell phone, computer, utility, credit card, big box store…)? This is just reality, and it is the challenge that must be overcome for you to have a life and be happy!

Who to Avoid Like the Plague:

[pullquote align=”left”]It is our professional recommendation that you do not select your mortgage lender online unless they have a local office! [/pullquote]

The Internet is a priceless resource for information. It is instant and provides a level of access very few have had in the past. But it is also a dangerous place. You often do not know whom you