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On Father’s Day, Actions Speak Louder Than Ties

Article by Lisa Kaplan Gordon

Father’s Day is Sunday. And you’re wondering how to thank the guy who taught you to wield a putty knife, and to shut the door and quit heating/cooling the outside — for crying out loud!

You could buy him something. But how many World’s Greatest Dad mugs and barbecue mitts does a guy need?

Instead, spend a little time. Do some chore that Dad would otherwise do. Finish a project he hasn’t had time to complete.

You’ll save money — now that will make Dad happy — and show your father how much you care. Here are some ideas:

  1. Hose off and hang up the hammock that’s still sitting in the basement. Scrub stubborn stains with a vinegar spritz.

  2. Dig up that weed tree that’s popped up between the hydrangeas.

  3. Clean gutters clogged with tree blossoms and other spring debris.

  4. Power wash and reseal the deck.

  5. Shine up the gas grill. A little baking soda will help get rid of burned-on chunkies.

  6. Clean out the garage — at least sweep it.

  7. Change the toilet flapper.

  8. Lay sod on lawn bare spots.

  9. Spackle, sand, and paint dents and holes in the walls.

  10. Hang up that picture of the grandchildren.

What’s the best Father’s Day gift you ever gave to your Dad? Received from your child?


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