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Profit Sharing a Better Way

Understanding the KW System of Profit Sharing

As much as KW passionately rejects the characterization of their system as a multi-level marketing system, it is! Conceptually it is a product of the 1980s when Amway and a host of new sales ventures thrived by becoming that generation’s form of viral sales (person to person – sphere of influence). At KW you qualify to receive profit-sharing money based on how many people have come into KW and identified you as the reason they are there. In other words, profit sharing is a reward for agents who help grow the company by recruiting others. Then in an admittedly random system of 7 levels of connectivity, to those directly recruited by you and those recruited by your recruits (and on and on), you get a piece of their commissions if brokerages realized profit for that year.

As former Keller Williams real estate brokers, we (the founders of Bella Casa) realized that this benefit was far too complex to recreate, but we still liked the idea that if the brokerage was profitable, then the reward would be shar