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Relocating to Oregon

Selecting & Researching Your Destination

Your relocation process begins with a destination in mind. Maybe you are moving for family or work reasons, or maybe it’s just time to start somewhere fresh. A great starting point to investigate a city or town is going to be the local chamber of commerce website. Parks and recreation websites will tell you what kind of natural surroundings the area offers.

If you are looking to move somewhere in or around Yamhill County you have just struck gold. We not only work here, we vacation here! We love it here. Yamhill County has so much to offer all year round. We actually have less rain than the Big Apple and our moderate temperature lends itself to all kinds of outdoor enjoyment.

Our website offers a rich resource of community information for each wine country town and popular communities. Each town offers a different feel and vibe, whether a city feel or small village environment. Find out what suits you best by reading personal descriptions of our communities written by Bella Casa agents.

When looking at a big city don’t discount neighboring areas as you might find a better match for your lifestyle. Take time to research what the city or town has to offer. Bella Casa real estate brokers are local experts, we are more than happy to visit with you as you research your new home area options.


What to take and what to leave behind? There are things we brought to London that didn’t return with us. Depending on what type of relocation you are doing, you might want to rent a storage unit. Or look into Storage Buildings that can be shipped all together with contents inside, so you know it is all intact. Shipping across the county is spendy — across the pond is expensive. If it does not have sentimental or legal value, then leave it behind.

Other tips:
  1. If packing for international, you cannot pack liquids. So if you want to take wine or spirits, check your airline for quantity in suite cases or look to ship it with UPS or USPS.

  2. When shipping any pictures framed with glass, buy blue painters tape and criss-cross all around the picture center out to the edge of the frame, at least 8 strips around. If the glass does break, the tape will hold the glass pieces in place and prevent damage to the photo. Use cardboard corners to protect the edges.

  3. Bubble wrap is your best friend, and your best price is going to be online. Go big as you will use a ton of it. They also have plate and dish sleeves now that protect dishes.

  4. Space bags are a great invention and can be used for all things fabric. They truly are space saving and a great way to keep your items dry and clean.

  5. Pets are another area where you need to research options. Some pets will need passports, shot updates, special carriers, and even plane tickets.

  6. Electronics are another item to put some thought into, obviously if you are relocating within the United States it is fine to take electrical items with you. If you are making an international move, forget bringing those types of items. It is a headache to find converters as voltage differences can blow your source easily.

Moving and Shipping

Now that you have a destination in mind, when you are ready to begin your move make sure to interview at least two national or international moving companies. If you’re after moving services in tennessee, there is a great local firm called choosemoveon which a lot of our clients recommend. You’ll also be wanting to think of other possessions such as your vehicles, for these services it’s better to go with specialized vehicle relocators, look into different car and suv shipping companies to find the right service for you.

  1. Find out how they pack your belongings: do they put them on pallets and shrink wrap? are they put in wooden crate boxes, like puzzle pieces?

  2. Ask about shared containers if you don’t have a full container; sharing can save you some cash. Everything is labeled and the chance of lost items is slim.

  3. Make sure you get a contract that discloses all charges associated with delivery as well. There can be fees in Customs.

  4. Timing is also an obstacle; ask about length of shipping time. Don’t rely on the quoted delivery time if there are items you will need right away. It is best to keep critical with you or ship UPS or USPS.

Wherever your move takes you, bring your sentimental treasures along. You can’t replace them and you will miss them. Best of luck – and if you need any help, advice or an ear to bend, give us a call. If we don’t have an answer we might have a good idea of where to get one!

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Published on: Nov 1, 2012

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