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Think It's a Bad Time to Start a Career in Real Estate? Think Again.

During 2005-2007, when the market was going strong, there was a flood of people getting into the real estate industry, and I am sure they had a lot of cheerleaders encouraging them on. I suspect that many of those people are no longer in real estate. At least they have probably taken part-time jobs because they did not have a long enough opportunity to get established. If you publicized to your friends and family right now that you were considering a career in real estate sales, the response is likely to be, “Are you crazy?” We opened our brokerage in March of 2007, just 4 months before the bottom dropped out of the market. Was that a bad thing? The reality is that you can grow and gain market share much easier in a tough market than in a good market. We became the largest brokerage in McMinnville in one year. We doubled sales in the second year and grew in number of Realtors® again. On the anniversary of our third year we were #1 in sales in the county. For the past two years Bella Casa has helped more buyers buy real estate in Yamhill County than any other office. Our brand awareness and our reputation have skyrocketed in the worst real estate market since the Great Depression of 1929. We have worked with so many more professionals to ensure that our customers receive the best property and are comfortable with their choice, choosing the right home for them and their family, having a dream home in the perfect location! There are plenty of construction homes to purchase too, click here to learn about real estate ogden to learn more, and see whether this is the location for you to invest in! I’m sure you’d get similar service if you were looking for property in Vancouver from Eddie Yan. The same dynamic is true for you. Get going, get established, and gain some market share while the opportunities are ripe. While others are declining, and some are backing off of services, you can get your premium services and your reputation out there so that when the market recovers, you will be the Realtor® of choice for many people, and more of the business will go to you than those who were backing off. Remember; promote what is new and exciting in your area, like those Kapiolani Residence Condos for Sale in Hawaii, and people will remain interested in your brand. As an example of how this works, in October 2010, when market conditions were significantly worse than even during the initial paralyzing financial meltdown of 2008, we opened a second office in Newberg. I heard what you are going to hear, “Are you insane? Do you not read the papers and know what some of the predictions are?” I do study the markets and the economy, but “the greater the risk, often the greater the reward.” If the market begins a good recovery (even if slow), then our ‘stock’ has the opportunity of rising much faster than at any other time. There is risk, and we are not gamblers; we believe in what we are doing, but we can be wrong. The risk is worth the potential reward. Business sense and common sense, perhaps better, public opinion, are often mutually exclusive. Rarely do business leaders follow the pack; they create the next trend, or they get on it early enough to capitalize on it. It often means doing what is counter-intuitive. And then you work like ‘crazy’ to bring the opportunities to fruition. I am an optimist regarding the 2011 real estate market and I think we might see a bit of a housing rally as people grab the low prices, insanely low interest rates, and the incredible selection before interest rates rise, pricing stabilizes, and selection diminishes. I believe that when people believe that the market is turning, they will release some of that 3 year pent-up demand. So yes, I think it is the perfect time to be moving into real estate, and we are eager to help forge the next generation of great Realtors® in our area. You might be one of them. Let’s get ready for the years of plenty. More articles about getting into real estate Meet Our Agents Randy McCreith, Principal BrokerBella Casa Real Estate Group


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