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Think It's a Bad Time to Start a Career in Real Estate? Think Again.

During 2005-2007, when the market was going strong, there was a flood of people getting into the real estate industry, and I am sure they had a lot of cheerleaders encouraging them on. I suspect that many of those people are no longer in real estate. At least they have probably taken part-time jobs because they did not have a long enough opportunity to get established. If you publicized to your friends and family right now that you were considering a career in real estate sales, the response is likely to be, “Are you crazy?” We opened our brokerage in March of 2007, just 4 months before the bottom dropped out of the market. Was that a bad thing? The reality is that you can grow and gain market share much easier in a tough market than in a good market. We became the largest brokerage in McMinnville in one year. We doubled sales in the second year and grew in number of Realtors® again. On the anniversary of our third year we were #1 in sales in the county. For the past two years Bella Casa has helped more