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We Don't Take a "Cut"

Friday’s blog post about offering homebuyer incentives briefly mentioned home warranties, and I wanted to make clear to our clients that Bella Casa does not have affiliated business relationships where we make money by selling or referring business to vendors, such as home warranty companies. For example, if your Bella Casa Realtor® suggests a home warranty product or company, please know that it’s because he or she thinks of it highly, not because we are getting a “cut off the top.”

Bella Casa Realtors® have complete freedom to choose those with whom they do business, and vendors for whom they are proud to refer for their clients. We chose NOT to have affiliated business relationships even though this would bring significantly more money into the brokerage and for the owners. It is an issue of principle for us. Rather than collectively promoting a few select vendors for services because we get referral fees, advertising dollars or various and sundry benefits, we want our Realtors® to find the best in the business locally and promote any and all of them. We are committed to doing this without any self-interest other than our clients will get treated as well as we would treat them. That is all we ask of them!

When a company says you should sell this warranty, use this mortgage broker, have your transactions at this title and escrow company, and promote this set of contractors, (to make money off of them), then the local community of vendors is insulted, and our clients lose valuable options for their services. The only ones who win is the company and its investors, owners, and managers. Let’s support the local communities – not the chosen few dictated by some because they get rewarded -but every one of our neighbors who does good.

View a list of local companies that we refer to clients as a courtesy, not as a money-making tool.

To learn more about how Bella Casa is owned and operated, read our article Local Ownership Considerations.

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