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What are Buyers looking for?

If you are getting your house ready to sell then you are probably wondering what a buyer is looking for in a new home. We have put together a shortlist of what we feel are the items most buyers are looking for in a new home. Most estate agencies will have there own shortlist to go by when marketing your property. To give an example, the space station agency in London may have a totally different list to us. There are some things that a seller can do on this list.

1. Curb Appeal- The best thing to get someone to want to see the inside of your house is to make sure that the outside says welcome home. Are the bushes trimmed? Is the paint clean and in good condition? Are the flower beds weed-free?

2. Is your house updated? Does it still have the 70’s wallpaper all through the bathroom? Are the colors of paint on the wall neutral and of a color that would appeal to most people? Yes, that might mean that your teen has to get rid of their black walls. Does the kitchen have newer appliances that match?

3. Is it energy efficient? Do you have newer vinyl windows? Is it well insulated? Are your windows tinted? Keeping your home private and safe as well as reducing glare and saving money by trapping in heat, if not that might be something you want to learn more about. If so, read more here. Are the lights energy savers? Is there a heat pump?

4. Is it organized? Do you have plenty of storage or does your house look cluttered? Are there plenty of cupboards and closets? This can be easily remedied if you de-clutter your house by putting things in storage. Go to for a wide range of storage solutions. Do the spaces look open and spacious?

5. Location, location, location. Are you in a good neighborhood? Is your house in a coveted school district? Are you too near a busy area? Are they going to be able to walk or ride bikes in the neighborhood without worries?

6. Is your yard fenced? To many people a fenced yard is a must, whether it is because they have children, dogs or just want the privacy that a fence offers.

7. Is it move in ready? Many people do not have the time nor do they want to make the time to do lots of repairs and/or maintenance issues. Also if there are lots of little repairs it may make them wonder whether there may be other maintenance issues that have not been kept up on.

8. Technology is here to stay. More and more people are wanting their houses to be ready for new technology. Is there a low voltage panel that helps with the latest and fastest internet and cable? Is there a surround sound set up in the family room or media room?

9. Is your house clean? Possibly the most important point is that no one wants to move into an unhygienic house. Ensure that all the stains and spillages are cleaned up until your house is sparkling. Something else to look out for is pest infestations; this is incredibly unhygienic and dangerous to someone’s health. If you find signs of this, call out pest control services like before a buyer visits your house.

While this list is far from exhaustive, it can help you have an idea of what most people are looking for in a new home so that yours can be ready to snag a buyer quickly.

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