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When Your Brokerage Becomes Your Top Competitor

There is one more little-known secret I would like you to think about as you consider your next career home. The declining brands are systematically becoming direct competitors of the very agents who give their money to keep them in existence! The changes stem from the fact that these behemoth organizations are suffering from declining revenues as we witness an explosion of small and local brands, and agents functioning as sole practitioners. Additionally, tough competitors raise the expectation of agents (splits and caps) so the contribution of each agent to the franchise is shrinking. The solutions for this problem are either to expand and grow numerically (something almost impossible in this market and our new age), or raise franchise fees, commission contributions, add numerous fees and expenses, or develop more income streams through affiliated businesses which the agents are pressured to use. But there is a third way to counter their financial losses…

What assets do large firms have that they can take advantage of? What is t