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Why Won’t My Property Sell?

[dropcap character=”M” color=”red”]More than ?ve years of a housing depression have taught us to adjust, adapt, and learn new dynamics of selling in a declining market. This greatest of challenges has brought us back to the very fundamentals of our trade, selling real estate in the public marketplace. If you are fortunate enough to have already found a buyer for your property, it would be worth speaking to Jim’s Conveyancing Services in Brisbane before concluding the sale.[space5] [accordion_group] [accordion title=”1. Price can sell anything, anytime!”]Nothing is as important as pricing the property right. Regardless of the condition of the property, market conditions, or location issues, price can be adjusted to compensate and sell any home in a reasonable time, whether you’re selling it to the House Buyers of America or to anyone else. The banks prove this everyday by selling a high volume of foreclosed properties quickly (accepted offer within 30 days). Banks cannot afford to keep these homes on their books so buyers often get the property at more than 15% under current market pricing. The bottom line is that pricing, appropriate to the goal, works even when other efforts do not. [space5] Buyers today have almost all market knowledge at their ?nger tips and they are savvy about good values, deals, steals, and overpriced properties. If you list your $300,000 property with me today for $50,000 I will have a cash offer for you in a few hours! List it at $315,000 and it will sit there waiting for a price reduction; at $335,000 you are wasting your time; it will not sell no matter what you want or what a Realtor® promises you. No one controls the marketplace! No one can change it! No one violates its realities and gets rewarded for it. If your property sits on the market without showings or offers for too long, it is overpriced, at least as it is right now. Of course most people do not want to unload their property like banks do; they want to sell it at fair market value. You might also want to look at how properties are sold in planned communities similar to HUNT MIDWEST to give you an idea of what is missing. Only recent sold properties reveal what mark