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We Are Your Cheerleaders

[dropcap character=”T” color=”red”]The #1 complaint I have heard from agents thinking about changing brokerage is that the claim to offer excellent education, training, and mentoring was hollow. When you are new to real estate, it takes personal guidance and responsive people as well as the abyss of an intranet!  Your best authority to learn how good a brokerage is, is to ask their agents and their former agents! Make some calls and get the inside scoop.  We have successfully built a brokerage with agents willing to give a hand-up, answer questions, help with issues, and cheerlead for the success of others.

We offer you the following resources: [ul_list icon=”tick”]

  1. The Owners and Designated Brokers. I answer my phone almost 24/7/365, and it is not a problem. If you are writing an offer, about to go into a threatening appointment, or are stuck on an issue, or you need a person to assist you now or very soon. Our children are grown, and Joni