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We Are Your Cheerleaders

[dropcap character=”T” color=”red”]The #1 complaint I have heard from agents thinking about changing brokerage is that the claim to offer excellent education, training, and mentoring was hollow. When you are new to real estate, it takes personal guidance and responsive people as well as the abyss of an intranet!  Your best authority to learn how good a brokerage is, is to ask their agents and their former agents! Make some calls and get the inside scoop.  We have successfully built a brokerage with agents willing to give a hand-up, answer questions, help with issues, and cheerlead for the success of others.

We offer you the following resources: [ul_list icon=”tick”]

  1. The Owners and Designated Brokers. I answer my phone almost 24/7/365, and it is not a problem. If you are writing an offer, about to go into a threatening appointment, or are stuck on an issue, or you need a person to assist you now or very soon. Our children are grown, and Joni and I have the time to do this. Our Realtors® and our clients are our highest business priority.

  2. Our business model has many Principal Brokers: We want all of our brokers to become Principals and know the value of increased prestige and credibility. We want everyone to be fully competent and be able to wear that badge. Currently we have about a dozen Principals, and 4 people who have owned their own brokerages. Each of our Principals have extensive knowledge and experience and are graciously eager to help anyone become an independent professional who in turn will one day help others

  3. We have developed a culture of sharing and collaborating among all our Realtors®, and it is refreshing and satisfying to see it in action. Everyone can help someone else get at least to where they are. Bella Casa Realtors® are generous and willing to collaborate to make us all more successful. [/ul_list]

[pullquote]When people interview with me about a place to develop their business, after all the discussions, I ask them to call anyone (or everyone) in the brokerage and ask them questions.vWhat is the good, the bad, and the ugly? Are they who they claim to be? Do they deliver what they say they will?[/pullquote][space5]

This is the test of validity. “If I had to do it all over again, what would I have liked to help me make it?” That was our intention and our design 6 years ago, and we have not stopped doing what made us the fastest growing office in Yamhill County. Check us out!

Randy McCreith, Principal Broker Bella Casa Real Estate Group

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